Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back with Material Wealthiness vs Healthiness

Salam sejahtera & good day

It has been long, dear viewers !  How are you all and ni hau ma?

Sorry for the silence, have been busy pursuing my study for Master Degree in Community Health Sciences, specializing under Health Promotion, UKMMC.

Below is the part of the products throughout my venture in the public health field (a thesis entitled : Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM)- Preferences Among UKMMC Hospitalized Patients) :

Nevertheless, I am back and hopefully shall have the time to deepen my long-abandoned hobby : )
Well, besides the factor on time, my internet browsers have been causing me problems. I can't save or edit any changes i made to this blog.

Thank God, things are back to normal. Today I would like to share, something cliche, everyone knows, i perhaps , which serves as a short gentle reminder (for myself as well).

According to a book, " The Happiness Factor" which I'm current reading,

Happy peoples are those

1. likely to initiate social contact with friends, fam. members (Initiative)

2. likely to respond +vely when others ask u for help (Communication smartness & Compassion)

3. less likely to suffer psychosomatic illnesses (digestive disorders, stress disorder & headache). Thus it is fine to be in stress without the disorders (Healthy)

4. less like to absent frm work or to get involve in disputes (Passion/love ur job & Lovin Harmony).

5. less likely to attempt suicide . Suicide is the ultimate behavioral measure of unhappiness (Appreciate Life).

.... it is all interconnected (1-5)

"Material richness is not directly proportionate with happiness." 

Nigeria has the highest number of happy peoples, followed by mexico, Venezuela meanwhile Russia and Romania have the least (1999-2001, conducted over 65 countries).

I wonder,what about 2013 ... & in the future.

 Sincerity matters the most,

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