Sunday, January 23, 2011

Instead of Using " Stupid ", Why Not Help Them To Be Better & In Return, Help The Society ?

" There is NO stupid being called human exist in this world .
No one is stupid . "

Good day and salam sejahtera to my blog visitors, 

Finally, I have initiated some efforts to start scribbling a few words on this blog. I have not been doing much cleaning, it is filled with some webbing (lama bersawang) , LOL !

I am writing in response to an entry from a friend of mine, with her entry entitled : My Kind Of Intelligent , where she clearly highlighted out some important points for us to ponder & wonder upon. Here is a small section for her writings , taken from the her blog  :  

" Author of the book said we have 7 type of intelligent so don't call people stupid just call 'em bloodsucker or any words that come across your mind.

1. Linguistic Intelligence - kepintaran dalam penggunaan bahasa.

2. Logical - Mathematical Intelligence - kepintaraan dalam matematik dan pemikiran logik.

3. Spatial Intelligence - kepintaran yang melibatkan berfikir dalam penggunaan simbol, gambar dan images.

4. Musical Intelligence - kepintaran dalam kebolehan menghargai dan menikmati irama dan melodi.

5. Bodily - kinesthetic - kepintaran mengawal fizikal diri seperti, ahli sukan, athletes dsb.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence - kepintaran dalam perhubungan antara manusia. 

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence - kepintaran dalam mengenali diri sendiri.

I agree that we can't force all children goes to medical school. We need different kind of intelligence to color this world, develop this nation to become more than a rhetoric nation that filled with slogan. 

For that, I should start by appreciating all nice people that leave a footprint in my life. They might not a people who are good with words or numbers or possessed a fortune. but some are genius (refering to my fellow classmates). whatever it is they still a person that have colored my life + I'm grateful for that."

As a small gift , I dropped a few words as a comment for her thoughtful writings : 

" Salam sejahtera, 

A good one, Farah ,a good, brief but impactfull entry indeed ! 

I believe that the one who refer to others as " stupid ", is the person whom is truly an idiot ! 

Most probably it is because of this society who cannot accept certain peoples , in a manner, are labelled as " useless" or cannot contribute anything to the world " . Like a disease, it spreads from one person to another, which eventually , a larger population trying to prove themselves are " more successful & useful than others " without understanding the true meanings of the word " SUCCESS ". 

For those peoples who cannot prove to others that they are " someone " , they continued the process of transmigrating the disease further and evolving the virus, becoming much more deadlier than before, even if it means to " pull down " or to condemn the successful ones, with whatever means which are possible - " hatred ", "jealousy" & "strive for more power" consumes their souls. It is just a pain in the ass for them to look at the successful peoples !

Humans are very good in fabricating truth or to be selfish and yet, they appears to be noble.

Thank you, dear Farah for sharing this posting . " 

If you truly wish to create a better society, a better future for the next generation or for any peoples that you love dearly, 

please, hinder & refrain yourself from thinking & using the word  " Stupid " . 

It would not liberate your anger or frustration caused by others, nor it will help you in any manners at all ! 

It WILL DEFINITELY kills off the new buds whom are going to bloom & shape the world - the younger generations, like an outbreak for disease .



under the sky said...

congrates on your new post for a new year :)

heee i'm glad we're on d same page. calling people stupid didnt make things any better, i like it when u said it 'kills of new buds'coz it really does

have a nice day choy, thanx 4 dropping a comment on my blog

Choy HH said...

Thank you for the comment, Farah.
We do share the same frequency, as bloggers, LOL !

Yeah, haven't been scribbling on my piece - of - art here, ever since 16th December 2010. Hope I can write something much more beautiful & touches each & every readers' heart, as many as possible !

Have a great day & a blessed life too, my friend ! CNY is around the corner, time passes by with such a haste !


Anonymous said...

My partner and i consider this knowledge very useful. Thanks a lot for the precious information along with observations you have consequently offered listed here. Continue the good work!

Choy HH said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment, my friend.

I am trying to build a better society, with what I can do although, so far, most are small efforts. Together, lets help this society even though it is just a mere , small act of kindness.

Thank you once again & happy a blessed new year !


yun said...

like this very much

Choy HH said...

Thank you very much for the comment, Yun.
God bless you always !
Let us build a better society, together (even the smallest act of kindness counts).


Anonymous said...

This short article gave me a amazing concept about this topic. Wonderful efforts. Cheers

Choy HH said...

Thank you very much for your comment, anonymous . Cheers & lets head towards a better world, together !

God bless you,


Anonymous said...

Observed this page really when it wasreally needed. Thank you very much. It's recently been really beneficial

Choy HH said...

Thank you very much for your compliments, Anonymous ! Much more for me to learn & polish this blog to be a better one.

Have a blessed life !


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic post. I truly do value the outstanding efforts made by your business

Choy HH said...

Thank you very much, anonymous !
I really appreciate your comment.
Have a wonderful life !


Anonymous said...

Wow everyone!! This may be one of the most exciting post We ever seen! Invaluable. Continue the good work.

Choy HH said...

Thank you ! Just merely writing out what I have held in my mind & heart all this while.

May this blog & all of us, become better , much much better as time passes by.


Anonymous said...

Excellent write-up. Becoming a new blogger I'm learning a lot through these sorts of content carry on the good performance.

Choy HH said...

Thank you ! Please feel free to share your questions about blogging here, perhaps I could help you out a little , as my blog have aged for about 4 years + : )

I would say, everything starts with passion, to give more than to receive - my blog's history began when I wish to share my knowledge on medical aspects (not much though) as well as to create a better society, while learning & trying to be a better person in life.

May you be blessed and found the true meanings of blogging for yourself. Welcome to the blogging world !

Warmest regards,