Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chiisana Mahou - Stereopony

Good day to all my fellow dear readers,

So sorry, i have been very busy lately, have not updated much on my blog, but i am still active on Facebook : )

Anyhow, i would love to share this lovely piece of song to you all : Chiisana Mahou (Little Magic) by Stereopony, a theme song (opening song) for Tegami Bachi Reverse (Letter Bee season 2) .

This anime reminds us back to the period of time where peoples cherishes & spent much time in the art of writing & delivering a letter, which is most probably will be forgotten soon,by many of us about this art. The value of a handwritten letter filled with warmth memories & heartfelt words cannot definitely be compared by text messages or emails. Nowadays, there peoples who felt LAZY, TROUBLESOME to even send & reply emails .... what more i can say, when compared with the passion of writing, delivering & the time used patiently while waiting for a reply - a handwritten letter. Will this art be lost someday ?

A GREAT, warmth & heartful anime indeed !!!

Enjoy this wonderful song and cheers,my dear friends,


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