Saturday, October 9, 2010

Berhenti rokok & bertambah berat badan ?

Salam sejahtera kpd kesemua pembaca pd blog ini ,

Berikutan posting saya di Facebook yg menyentuh ttg

Faktor - Faktor Penambahan Berat Badan tanpa disedari (unconsciously) ,

saya ingin menekankan poin pd slide ke 12 pd pautan di bawah yg berkaitan dgn proses sebelum & semasa menghentikan tabiat merokok , yg membawa kpd penambahan berat badan dlm diri.

Pautan yg bertajuk :

Weight Gain Shockers Slideshow: Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight

Sumber :

Pada slide ke 12 - Smoking cessation ,

Tercatat beberapa point utk sama2 kita tatapi (biarpun pembaca bukan seorg perokok) :

Sebab - sebab mengapa seseorg akan bertambah berat badan selepas/dlm proses menghentikan tabiat rokok -

1) Nikotin berperanan dlm merendahkan selera makan (membuat anda rasa lebih mudah kenyang...) , pd masa yg sama,

2) Nikotin (pd rokok) juga mengurangkan kecekapan tunas rasa.

Oleh sbb itu, selepas/semasa dlm proses menghentikan pgambilan rokok , tunas rasa menjadi lebih cergas & selera pemakanan pun bertambah secara mendadak.

Bagaimana pula cara utk mengatasi masalah ini, alang alang setelah bersungguh sungguh utk menghentikan tabiat buruk tersebut ?

Mari kita sama - sama melengkapi diri dgn ilmu yg berkaitan menerusi artikel ini :

Smoking: Drop the Habit Without Picking Up Weight

Sumber :

" Quitting smoking and weight gain have long been linked. But when you kick the butts, is it inevitable yours will expand?

True, four out of five people who smoke gain some weight. On average, people who quit gain between 4-10 pounds. Most weight tends to be gained in the first six months after quitting.

The fear of weight gain is so great many smokers cite it as the reason they continue to puff away. Although the benefits of quitting far outweigh the possibility of extra pounds, few want to swap nicotine addiction for food addiction.

"I was an avid smoker for over 16 years -- at least a pack a day, the traditional coffee and cigarette Type-A personality -- who feared gaining weight if I quit," says Dawn Marie Fichera, director of special projects for a communications firm. In September, she celebrates two years being smoke-free. "I genuinely enjoyed it: the taste, the feel of it in my mouth, the sweet sting of nicotine as it traveled through my veins."

But smokers need not fear quitting will lead to weight gain, experts say. By combining diet and lifestyle changes with a smoking cessation program, you can throw away the cigarette pack and avoid packing on extra pounds ".

Keypoint : Diet / Pengawalan Pemakanan yg berlebihan

Semoga entri ini membawa manfaat kpd semua. Kpd pembaca yg bersungguh sungguh utk mengurangkan atau menghentikan terus tabiat merokok ,

Anda boleh melakukannya !!!

Utk diri anda serta insan insan tersayang.

Pembaca boleh juga " search " posting posting yg berkaitan dgn rokok pd blog saya menerusi pautan " Search In This Blog " yg terletak pd sudut kanan , bahagian atas blog page saya. Sekian dulu dari saya,



Anonymous said...

You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post…

Choy HH said...

Thank you for the comment :)
How nice if quitting will give the smoker 100 % assurance that they won't gain any weight , hehe ...

This is just ... a " small " excuse for them, actually not really bothers much.

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Anyhow, thank you for your support & God bless you always. Feel free to share the posting to whomever that needs it, spread out the good messages / info , as a form of concern to the society.


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