Monday, June 14, 2010

To the Ones I Love .

Great day everyone !

I find this following sentences are rather VERY meaningful indeed , from a Japanese Drama - Itoshi Kimi E ( To the One I Love ) :

Like opening a window, acquaintances (kenalan) turns into a friends

Like the seasons change , complete strangers turns into your own and only ,

At times, not noticing ...
At times, being lonely ...

At times, feeling gently ...
At times, having fun ...

We keep asking each other,

Who are you ?

You find yourself thinking about that person all day long ...

To think all day about what you can do for that person ...

I know what peoples call that.

But the reason i don't call that as LOVE is because
i was afraid of being hurt .

The reason i don't call that as love is because i thought ...
that it was different, something more precious than that .

The reason why i don't call that as love is because

it is something that will vanish one day .

If you ever find / found love, please do not deny it but rather try to understand why God had given you such a great chance to understand what is love & why do you feel so .

It is undeniable that many of us restrain ourself from being too nice & going extra miles for peoples, because we are afraid being misunderstood, ... being hurt , being in trouble ....

In this society, good hearted peoples definitely have a much more challenging life , more things to consider & care about, things which many peoples chose to ignore, chose not to " see" it .

Even though love can be such a devastating & damaging essence in life, we chose not to ignore it, because we understand that it is priceless, there is no substitute for that, that we are born with it and live with it forever, even if we are no longer on this earth, even if the ones we love, are no longer by our side but they live in our heart & memories, for eternity.

With reference from the respective drama (episode 4).

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