Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hepatits - Need Help + Info

Dear friends and blog readers,

I have a friend who is currently diagnosed of having Hepatitis B infection (most probably the chronic type).

Dear friends, if any of you have any live experience or useful remedy to share about, please please please do comment / voice it out, for the sake of a friend.

Let us give my friend, Mohd Rozi our prayers and good wishes so that he overcome this obstacle (Hepatitis B). Sincerity matters ... even we cannot help much.

Below i attached some general information on Hepatitis, so that more peoples are aware / able to equip themselves with knowledge on this health aspect.

There are seven known types of viral hepatitis (A-G).

1) Type A, spread mainly through food contaminated with feces.

It is usually not very severe, generally starting within two to six weeks after contact with the virus, and lasting no longer than two months.

Certain groups have an increased risk of contracting hepatitis A. These include:

- children and employees at daycare centers
- individuals living in crowded and/or unsanitary conditions
- sexually active individuals
- tourists visiting an area where hepatitis A is common

2) Type B, transmitted sexually or by injection, cause jaundice and flulike symptoms.

*** I'll stress on more info on this as, my dear pal is contracted on this type of hepa disease.

More than 300 million people throughout the world are infected.
Hepatitis B occurs in both rapidly developing (acute) and long-lasting (chronic) forms, and is

one of the most frequent chronic infectious diseases worldwide.

Hepatitis B ranges from mild to very severe. Some people who are infected by HBV develop no symptoms, but they may carry HBV in their blood and pass the infection on to others.

In its chronic form, HBV infection may destroy the liver through a scarring process called cirrhosis.

When a person is infected by Hepa-B, the virus enters the bloodstream and body fluids, and is able to pass through tiny breaks in the skin, mouth, or the genital area.

This infection can occur :

i. during birth, when a mother with hepatitis B may pass HBV on to her infant.

ii. The virus also may be transmitted through contaminated needles and through unprotected sex with an HBV infected individual. Casual contact cannot transmit hepatitis B.

*** 3) Type C virus spreads mostly by shared needles in intravenous drug use and can cause liver cirrhosis and cancer after a long latent period. Until recently there was no test to detect it in blood, and many people were exposed through blood transfusions.

Hepa- C causes a rapidly developing and often LONG -lasting disease.
Hepa - C is the major cause of "transfusion hepatitis," which can develop in patients who are given blood (donated blood)

4) Type D becomes active only in the presence of type B; it causes severe chronic liver disease.

**** (Don't bother about type D and below (E,F& G) because it is very rarely (jarang sangat berlaku) occurred ...

Just for info ...

5) Type E, like Type A, is transmitted by contaminated food or water; its symptoms are more severe than Type A's and can result in death.

6) The type F virus (HFV), which was first reported in 1994, is spread like Type A and E.

7) The hepatitis G virus (HGV), isolated in 1996, is believed to be responsible for many sexually transmitted and bloodborne cases of hepatitis.

Vaccines exist for types A and B (the second also prevents type D)

Drug treatment for B and C is not always effective.
The other types may not need drug treatment.

Sebenarnya, Hepatitis (Hepa = Liver, ...titis = Inflammation / Inflamasi ) bukan hanya terhad kpd jangkitan VIRUS shj (melainkan Hepatis yg diberi abjad A- G itu SAH, disbbkan oleh jangkitan )

Contohnya :

1) Alcoholic hepatitis, caused by llong-term overconsumption of alcohol, can be reversed by sharply reducing drinking.

2) Other drugs can also cause non- infectious hepatitis.

3) An autoimmune hepatitis affects mainly young women .

Just for us to bare in mind (ingat) - An inflammation of the liver can caused by a number of etiologic agents, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, drugs, and chemicals.

The MOST COMMON infectious hepatitis is of viral etiology.

Treatment ( I am not sure on this part ... sekadar info utk kami baca, pastikan ada sokongan dari medical expert sebelum mencuba apa- apa info ini ) !!!

Once symptoms appear, no antibiotics or other medicines will shorten the course of infectious hepatitis. Patients should rest in bed as needed, follow a healthy diet, and avoid drinking alcohol or taking any medications that could further damage the liver. Any medication that can cause liver damage should be avoided, and non-critical surgery should be postponed.

An herbalist or naturopathic health care professional may recommend a preparation of milk thistle (Silybum marianum) for the treatment of hepatitis. Milk thistle is thought to promote the growth of new liver cells, and to prevent toxins from penetrating through healthy liver cells by binding itself to the cell membranes. It is frequently prescribed by herbalists for the treatment of cirrhosis, hepatitis, and other liver disorders. A large controlled trial sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and the National Institutes of health (NIH) on milk thistle's medicinal value in the treatment of hepatitis and liver injury was scheduled to begin in the year 2000.

Licorice (Glycyrriza glabra) may also be used for hepatitis. Its properties include protecting the liver and enhancing the immune system. Extended use of licorice should not be undertaken without medical consultation, since potassium deficiency may result.

Vitamin C may be taken as a nutritional supplement. It has been shown to help diminish acute hepatitis and help prevent hepatitis in hospitalized patients.

A practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine may recommend Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis, which improves liver function; Fructus Citrulli Vulgaris, which helps to expel jaundice; or other herbs for hepatitis symptoms.

The end.


NoRLi said...

boleh tau how ur frens boleh dpt this hep??

Choy HH said...

Salam sejahtera saudari Norli,

Beliau pun x tahu sebenarnya dan masa tu beliau agak tenat jadi tdk berkesempatan utk bertanya lebih lanjut. Next time sy dpt reply dari nya, saya akan post di blog ini.

Saudari ada apa2 pengalaman ttg Hep - B yg boleh dikongsi bersama?

Terima kasih

NoRLi said...

hep B setahu saya kalau dpt tahu dr awal..kita boleh cuba antibiotic/antiviral..dan dia akan kekal jadi pembawa hep B jika dia sembuh..dan kita boleh selamatkan liver dari dijangkiti..tapi jika dah kritikal dan terjadinya liver cirrhosis..perlunya liver transplant..
saya bukan doctor tapi tue la setakat yg saya belajar setakat nie..
keadaan beliau lemah,mata kuning dan perut agak buncit?

Choy HH said...

Salam sejahtera,

Ya, saudari Norli - spt apa info yg dibelajari dari Universiti / yg boleh dicari menerusi online / buku2.

Terima kasih atas keperihatinan saudari. Apa yg kami mampu sbg rakan hanya lah berdoa dan cuba memahami dan mencari jln penyelesaian nya kpd masalah ini. Diharapkan Tuhan mampu membantu beliau mengharungi dugaan ini.

Anonymous said...

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Choy HH said...

Thank you for the support, Anonymous but please bear in mind, i as the author for this blog is not a medical doctor but rather, i used to be a student on the respective field.

Thank you once again !


Anonymous said...

I just added this web site to my google reader, excellent stuff. Cannot get enough!

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Anonymous said...

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