Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reallity and Life.

Dear all,

If ' Reality ' is a constant, then

' Life ' is the other side of the coin.

Once, a person used to say,

" Life is like a duo sword " (good or bad, depends on how u view it).

Will u wield it or let it wield u in return ?

Let us discover the essence and solutions for this matter together, in our journey of life (if i cant wield it alone, i have hands from those who concerns about friendship).

Life is ' mobile ' as how we see/ view it as ... in a sense, but reality cannot be change , it is named so.

We only change our attitudes toward it.

Be strong and ' talk ' to Him. No one is perfect and you need not to pretend strong all the time.

Reality can be harsh ... in most of the time : )


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