Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy CNY 2010 & Happy Holiday

Dear all,

I hereby wish all Malaysian ( YES, i mean all Malaysian) , a GREAT and Happy

2010, signifies the remark of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger, which is mine ... and some how become ' my year ' .. yeah, as if i am going to believe in that.

You pave your own destinies, my friends not by some mere unforeseen ' LUCK ' but i do not deny about COINCIDENCE as this is His arrangements for us.

Anyhow, enjoy the break, dudes and i wish for all the best for all of you and Happy Holiday !!!

Thanks to the respective individual who made such lovely and remarkable pictures. Thank you !



Zikr the Jalanan Sepi Perantau said...

Happy chinese new year... rrrrr... angpaw plezz...

Choy HH said...

Happy Holiday to u, saudara Zikir !

Angpau ? Saya belum cukup syarat lagi , sila cuba lagi pd thn hadapan, haha.

Tcare and thanks for the comment !


Ikster said...

Hey Choy, sorry been caught up with stuffs and hope it's not late but

Happy Chinese New Year to you!

As always, wishing you a better year than all before, especially now that everyone is graduating. Hopefully you'll be able pursue your aims and enjoy them while you're at it ;)

All the best!

Choy HH said...

Thank you very much, Ika. Please keep intouch via the cybernetic realm : )

Wish you all the best too and gam ba teh !

Anonymous said...

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Choy HH said...

Thank you !