Sunday, January 3, 2010

True Friend ?

Dear all,

" True friends maybe hard to leave but they are impossible to be to forget. Hold on to them when you have find them
and when they leave, everything that they given to us will stay in our heart forever " - ChoyHH

Have you find yours ?

I have and at the same time i have lost them too. No worries, when you are able to open up your heart and to appreciate peoples around you disregard their age, status/image, religion , culture and everything else except their true self , i am certain that you will definitely find them. Now is not too late for everything.

Be sincere as the starter : ) and don't forget to smile too. You look great when you smile , i just know it and believe it !

LOL !!!

The question for now is that : Do you believe in true friendship and do you care to comment on this ?



farah_AJ said...

i believe in true friendship...but maybe i'm not that lucky in friendship, for me it's hard to maintain a f/ship esp when ur friend is start seeing someone@ getting married, bukanlah xnak berkawan, it just that things wud never be the same the end i'm alone ~phhbt

saranhaeyo said...