Monday, January 11, 2010

Damai yg Hilang - The Lost Piece of Peace

Dear all,

Please read my posting first before viewing the links.

A great song (it is simple yet with a powerful and grand impact song which possessed so many meanings in just a mere 5 min song) . which would delivers you to a realm whereby Peace is no longer exist in humanity and a small fraction of humanity in this world are composed of nothing more that just de - evolved being which are as the matter in fact, being refered as ' Animals '

Lagu yg hebat yg saya kenali di RPWP (melalui pautan yg sama, lagu nashid ini dikaitkan dgn kehidupan perit sesetengah insan yg dizalimi oleh manusia yg bagaikan binatang) -

The original version of the song entitled : ' Damai yg Hilang ' - The Lost Peace ( The Lost Piece of Peace , it sounds better right ? )

If you are strong, go ahead to watch the other version of this song on YouTube - u will need to search via YouTube for " Damai yang hilang " for those painful -to- watch videos, heartbreaking and inhuman and if you possessed a Facebook Account and understands Malaysian language ( Bhs Malaysia, well let us not worries on this trivial manner, it is a video which will definitely makes you understand what i meant : ) ), click this :

By viewing that website, you would be exposed with RPWP (Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin) as well .

Sorry guys, lately i have been quiet busy and have taken a break from updating this blog (that is why you only saw my posting consist only of pictures which i took). I will get back to you all soon and thank you all, for giving comments on this Nothing - Great - About blog of mine.

Take care and may Peace resides and stays in our heart and allows us to share with every corner on this blue planet. Let us shower it with our undivided and unconditional love.


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