Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Have Finally Arrive.

Good day to all my dear pals,

Without any further delay, i am hereby, wishing you all, a Great , Merry and Happy New Year 2010 !!!

As the years unfold, in the year 2009 was a rather hectic and yet, quite a promising year for myself as i have achieve quite a number of goals set by myself. I am recovering from a ENT infection (started on a sore throat followed by a running nose yesterday). Now i am much better, 90 % recovering but once a while i can't taste nor smell ...

All along, we have strive and tried very hard in life for plenty of reasons, to be a better person, to have more cash in our wallet / bank account , to have a successful marriage and family and so on ...

Have you find what you are looking for ? If the answer is a " Yes " - hold on to it !, if the answer is a " No " then keep looking along with Lord. One day, real soon, you will find it, believe it !

Do not stop dreaming for betterment, this is your life and you have every rights for it but remember, without a good health for both mental and physical, nothing is possible.

May our bond become stronger, each and every second from now on !


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