Monday, December 21, 2009

Benefits of Regular Walking + Solid Scientific Explainations

Benefits of Regular Walking (with the links of proper evidences ) :

There is a lot of articles for us to update ourself on, simply click on the available links (highlighted as yellow font) -

· Reduced risk of coronary heart disease
Reduced risk of stroke
Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and better blood lipid profile
· Reduced body fat
Increased bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis
Reduced risk of cancer of the colon and breast
Reduced risk of non-insulin dependent diabetes
· Controls body weight
Reduced chance of getting gallstones
· Helps flexibility and coordination hence reducing the risk of falls

· Better self esteem
Lower levels of anxiety and depression
· Enhanced mental well being
· Longer life expectancy
· Better range of movement, hence less chance of injury during a fall
· More flexible muscles

Better sleep

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