Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Soft Drink VS Diet Soft Drink- bad for Health ?

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Have you wonder what does Soft drink do to your body after a regular intake? What is the differences in terms of " Diet soft drink " VS " Regular soft drink ? Which is better , or both is bad ?

For this entry, please view a wonderful article which i stumble upon on Yahoo. You HAVE GOT to spend some time to read this :

What Soft Drinks are Doing to Your Body

By Dr. Maoshing Ni - Posted on Fri, Oct 30, 2009, 12:29 pm PDT

Link :

What do i believe is that there too many factors for us to consider upon HEALTH, for many many materials we have browse , read, heard and forth, mostly is about Food Intake / Diet but actually, we have to consider other main factors such as Heredity/Genetic , Life style (overall including stress, exercise, and ect).

Bear in mind, it doesn't mean that an athlete type of body of an individual is free from diseases such as stroke and others. You are wrong to think like that as chances is always there with regards to many other factors which comes in place (like a jig - saw puzzzle, many many pieces which eventually assembles to form LIFE / Health).

It does not mean we cannot eat this or that but rather, control the amount of food intake consciously, keywords would be to frequently consume Healthy foods and BALANCE (not too much nor too little). IT is IMPOSSIBLE to tell someone not to eat some unhealthy food at all, in life !

Be happy always, give peoples a smile, it is an indirect form of ' Food for the mind and body ' and for most, it is FREE . : )

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