Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Message From a friend

Dear friends,

I have just receive a message from my dear friend : " Pain of missing friends is not cause their absence but it is when u think of the good time u have shared and u ask urself - ' Will those moments ever happen again ! ' ? "


This message reminds me of my yesterday's posting on Facebook and my reply to this message :

" Friendship is something which have brings me much joy and happiness at the same it caused sadness and tears running down my cheek , and things will continue to happen; yesterday, today and in the future ". (this has nothing to do with + ve or - ve mindset ).

" There is nothing permanent in this world, same goes to happiness and sadness, it will repeat n repeat but non will stays forever unless you pull your life out of it ... it applies the same to the dualism principals, u lost n u gain (vice - versa) " .

My yesterday's posting on Facebook :

The sweetest thing in life is when a person willing and able to share time with u, on contrary, when a person is unable to do so, it hurts a lot to both parties but it is still acceptable...

If the sentences ended up with the words , " I don't even have time for my self " ... this is very depressing and for me, it is too hard to understand/accept.

BEWARE if you are in this situation ! Have some reflections ...

90 - 10 principles :

90 % of the time, we are the one who decide and manage to change thing if we make an effort. You choose how would your life be.

10 % of the time - are for things that beyond our capabilities as human being. Lets say it is FATE/ Takdir.

Take care , both your body and mind , and not to forget , your ' heart and soul '

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