Sunday, November 15, 2009

Korean Songs for Korean Fans Out There !

While having a cup of white coffee by my side and my good friend's birthday around the corner (his day is rather special as he himself is quite unclear with the exact day - today or 2morow , with a solid reason), i am looking for ideas and thoughts in order to convey to him, my special birthday dedications.

During the process, i re discover a few great Korean songs which i want to share with you all. I guarantee the songs are famous and GREAT !

OSTs from Winter Sonata and Autumn In My Heart are the songs which i have in mind. Below i have inserted a GREAT video on the song entitled : My Memory by Full house and some other recommendations for Korean Song Fans out there.

Dear friends, you may want to try the songs from Fullhouse (who sang " My Memory ") by the names :

1. Pray
2. Why
3. So much to say

And from another great Korean Drama - Autumn in my heart- with the song :

1. Reason

Hope you would enjoy them ! : )

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