Saturday, November 7, 2009

Introducing A New Colum for Music - Recommendations of The Best !

Good day to all my dear friends,

Due to heavy demands, i shall introduce a new column (actually, it is just a matter of LABELING - right hand side frm the main page) specific for Japanese /Korean / English songs .. (in short, all the songs which i love and loved so much),in order to share with all of you.

I'll try to update as frequent as possible but it is not easy to find all these rare pieces of music/songs which leave a imprint on my heart. As you all know, the current music trend (English music) is rather ' not my type ' : )

The method to access my collections, just click at the LABEL on : Entertainment and The Musics Of My Soul (right hand side on the main page) . From there, dear viewers can access to my very own ' entertainments ' (not specific only for music. there are movies and forth.

Alright, till we meet again, in this very spot, take care everyone.

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