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Excuse and Excuses For Not Practicing a Healthy Lifestyle ... Do you .... ?

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An Article Republished without permission from The Star - Body, Mind and Soul, August 30, 2009.
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(credits to Brother Kamal who posted this). We never did ask permission frm the Star nor other newspaper writer, do we ? Hehe, at least we cite it ...

Many people who have piled on the pounds or have a protruding tummy tend to dismiss it and say "I have low metabolism" or "It's genetics." No matter what your excuse is for gaining weight, your diet is always related to your weight problem, because you are what you eat.

Here are some suggestions to help you overcome those excuses and take control of your health and diet.

Excuse No. 1:

"I don't have the time to organize nutritious meals every day."

The truth is, you can still eat healthily even when on the run. Prepare a packed lunch the night before, such as chicken and salad wholemeal sandwich. Or, have a scan bar as your breakfast - the key is don't let your stomach be empty.

Excuse No. 2:

"I only have time for fast food lunches."

Fast food for lunch is a popular habit among many working adults. Fast food meals are high in sodium and fat, with the soda drink relatively high in sugar.

This unhealthy habit can definitely increase your risk in becoming fat or overweight.

Dieticians suggest busy working people should choose healthier foods like low-fat yogurt, tuna flakes, almonds, low-sodium soups and fruits.

*** Important !!! ***

Excuse No. 3

"I feel empty if I don't consume rice or noodles."

Rice and noodles have been a dietary staple for Asians. WE Malaysians !

Some would actually feel unsatisfied even after a meal if there where no rice or noodles served. While carbohydrate is the main source of fuel for our body, we need to know how to differentiate the different types of carbohydrates.

White bread, noodles and white rice are rich in refined carbohydrates which are considered "bad" carbohydrates because it can cause a sudden surge in blood sugar.

Whole grains, vegetables and fruits also contain carbohydrates, but these carbohydrates are considered "good."

To control yourself from overeating carbohydrates, add protein to each meal, for example fish, tuna or eggs.

Excuse No. 4:

"I have to attend many social gatherings, I can't lose weight in that type of environment!"

You should never make this an excuse because it only allows you to overindulge at events.

Focus on social activities instead of eating consistently.

Although no food should be banned from a healthy diet, you can still enjoy your food but have it in moderation.

Once you learn to avoid these typical diet excuses, you can start practicing a healthier eating habit.

Changing your unhealthy eating habits should start in your head even though you are planning or already consuming slimming supplements to help boost your metabolism rate is a wise slimming method as long as it is made from natural ingredients.

But do follow up with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Agree , everyone ? I do agree because i dont practice the above much ... except the rice part (i only take in 1 serving of rice per day after i lectured my whole family on this : ) ...

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