Sunday, November 29, 2009

Current updates on 29th Nov

Altered version which suits the Malaysian's taste buds ... i mean Malaysian's eating habits, hehe

Good day everyone,

How have you all been ?

Currently i am quite busy with my work in medical laboratory Gnosis. I did prepared a new entry whereby i shall bring everyone into a closer depth of understanding for the Hematological Department where, questions on " what did medical practitioners did to your blood or what sort of test do they run on it, how will the result be interpreted and how did they produces such a result and so on " with A LOT of photos readied for you all.

In other words, i shall bring you into the Hematological Department through my blog : )

Please be patience ya ... i shall try my very best for now.

I have updated a few songs into my Mixpod player (on your right hand side ). Hope you all would have a pleasant days ahead of yours and take care !

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