Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday and Friendship .

Dear friends,

This entry is specially written and dedicated to a very special friend of mine, let's say , as a birthday dedication and a special message for our bond. *** (After posting this entry ... Man, i realised i have typed too long ... ), haha.

Dear Zubli, i have always be thankful to Lord for uniting both of us and to you, despite there is a gap in age and background, we are able to talk, just about anything and what really impressed and impress me from time to time , is the consistency in replying my messages (in FB , hehe) and your wisdom, friend, are beyond anyone's thought. No matter when , you are always ready to share your wisdom and words with me. I have learned a lot from you and will continue to learn a tons of things from you.

Surely, i would remember the first few times we exchanged our thoughts, man, you used complicated English and it took me quite some time to have a deep thought on them, haha ... Both of us just enjoy to make peoples ponder upon our words, don't we ? : )

Birthday is a really meaningful day for yourself and to those who are dear to you. I can't believe there are peoples who thought that birthday is just like any other ordinary days, maybe it is because there aren't any peoples by their side to remind them on this or something tragic happened to them in the past. It is really up to us - Zubli, myself and anyone who is reading this to rekindle their spirit on this,

How many birthday celebrations do we have in a life - for yourself and for others ?

Can you count something which still resides in the future - are you certain about the number ?

Nop ...

The answer depends on how you think/ perceive on the word " birthday ". As for myself, i am the greedy type, thus, everyone who are dear to me, their birthday are mine, we celebrates together, even if we far apart for each another, even if we busy, those are not reasons to be used or even to think about, as there are many ways for our words to reach them.

I used to have a great friend who passed away due to cancer, to be precise , my teacher who talks to me like a close friend, who would call my name (not by my surname) a few meters away without feeling embarrassed, even in a crowd, who would introduce myself to anyone who are to close to him as a ' Friend ' . How many peoples in your life, can do this ? Can you ? A person who talks to you about anything, despite i am ... a slow learner and a person who would spend his time with you without any deep thoughts and able to do so naturally. Trust me, only those who cares about you will be able to share their time with you, bear in mind, each human being have a limited period of time in life.

Don't regret when we lost the chance, we cannot rewind the time, even if we did, there is always something deep down inside of our heart that we can never changed - memories and truth from the past.

He passed away without sharing to me about his disease which torments him from the day he receive such fate til the end (colon cancer, can you imagine the pain ? ) and i only got to know when a letter reached to me after his death. What i recall was only his bright smile when we meet each other and the time we shared together... but

i could do better, spend more time with him, remember his birthday , but i didn't emphasize much on it, i was a young, laid back and a brat who takes peoples and things for granted.

Pain is the best teacher ? No one wish to agree on it especially after when he came to teach you a lesson, but we have , this is one of the hard - to - admit kind of truth.

That is when i learn about friendship and love. Don't ever use the word " friend" if you don't mean it, or else, one day, a person who is not sincere will use that word on you and nowadays, the word " friend " means just like " acquaintance " (people who we just met a few seconds, not knowing anything about them at all -
kenalan ) .
Let us not make such a sacred word lost its meanings ... we have responsibilities on the words we uttered ...

A Message to Lord

Never ever think that we will have much chances in the future, as future is something which is unknown, we will never know when He will summon his men back to Him, the reason could be because peoples tend to take things for granted. Being too positive and anticipate in the future is not necessary a good thing if you do not value what you have now.

My friend, if possible, i wish to be by your side now but for this time, let my words be with you.

Happy Birthday , Zubli ! (saya dah merepek panjang lebar) .

No cake for you though, hehe but if you insist,

Coincidentally , terpacak 5 batang lilin pd kek , hehe, ingatkan nak keluarkan 3 batang tadi, tidak sempat, tidak sempat, haha ...

From now on, let us look at each other properly, as good buddies , we will grow together, cherish our time and words together, remind each other how stupid we can be ... whenever we makes mistakes, whenever we need a pat on the shoulder, whenever we need a scold ... or two, but most importantly, for us to understand who we are to Him and to accept each other.

" No hierarchy, no ego and no age (meaningless numbers), between us "

Please remind me, one day, if i ever forget all these words, in this entry.

My birthday gift to you is that ... [ figure out your self ya, : ) ], you can feel it, you already have the answer all along ... all this while ...

p/s : My wish to you is that to stay as who you are now, to have more reasons to love and be loved and the most important, jgn tidur lewat , hahaha ... take good care of your health n mind (+ heart), you know where to find me, so reach me whenever you want to ' kacau ' me.

Anda seorg yg kaya ma ... : ), jgn lupa kata - kata saya.

There is always a reason for Lord to unite us, beings. It is up to us to discover those sacred meanings behind his scheme, and how we turn them into strength ! Human aren't perfect for a reason, because it is an advantage for us ...


Zubli Zainordin said...

So touching dear friend, Hew Hei...

I am honored and I appreciate this post very much and much more...

Choy HH said...

You are very much welcome, my friend.

I thought u will replying in a long speech, hehe.