Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Facts About Cigarettes's Smoke

Dear all,

Some quick info to share with you all,

The smoke
exhaled(dihembuskan) from the cigarettes is more toxic than the smoke inhaled (disedut) !

If u want to smoke, smoke in the toilet/ a room with only yourself /the smokers !

Inhaled smoke = 5.3 - 43 nanograms of the carcinogen (dimethylnitrosamine )

While on the other hand, second hand smoke (yg dihembus kan oleh perokok ) has 680 - 823 n
anograms of the respective carcinogenic substance.

Thus, secondhand smoke has 11 TIMES the amount of carcinogenic substances than the content of inhaled smoke (yg disedut oleh perokok) !!!

SO beware my pals, stay far far away from smokers !

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