Friday, October 30, 2009

Friendship till Death ... till Nothingness

Good day my dear pals,

I'll use dual language here, don't worry if could not understand the Malaysian language, you won't be left out.

Susah utk menulis dlm Bhs Malaysia. Saya bagi tips, perkataan love - amat luas pengertiannya di dlm Bhs Inggeris tetapi dlm Bhs Malaysia, maknanya di pisahkan kpd

Cinta, sayang, ambil berat ... dan sebagainya.

Terpulang kpd situasi, kedua2 bhs boleh digunakan kpd tahap yg amat tinggi dan INDAH. Salah satu harapan saya ialah menjadi seorg penulis yg mampu menyentuh jiwa pembaca dan mencetus segala emosi dan perasaan , hanya melalui penulisan dan kata kata saya sahaja.

......... Buka lah hati dan minda utk menerima manusia sekerdil saya ini, terlampau kecil di bandingkan dgn sesiapa, lagi lah kecil daripada mikroorganisma jika di bandingkan dgn Nya ..........

Hot cakes hot cakes for selling : Latest info out from the oven !!!

While i was having my slumber, a good one perhaps ... but what i am certain, it ends with a nightmare , about a scar left by peoples back in my past , in my heart.

Somehow , my phone beep exactly at the right spot, ' pulling ' me out from such dream and it sound soo sweet, so unexpected, and so, God - like (divine & beautiful words) ... for most, so ' tepat pada masanya ' one.

It may looks familiar but it is different, from a message that i may have sent to you, maybe something is pulling me not to, or i just can't (many factors but some factors, have nothing to do with our friendship ).

This will be just a plain message if you read it n forget it, ' masuk otak bahagian kiri/kanan, keluar dari otak belah kiri / kanan, x masuk ke dlm dan disimpan di dlm hati, duk ' terbang' ke dari telinga : )

It is a message which i enthusiasted and longed to write to you all (please do read till the end ).

Btw, i have never copied 100 % exactly from a resource and make it into my own stuff, there will always be alterations, add ons, which u can't never find anywhere, except .... in my sms/msg , email or in my blog : )

This part may look familiar with some alterations ...

" They love u but they are not your lover

They care for u but they are not from your family

They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation

They are not part of your body but definitely, part of your soul, part of your ' brain& thoughts ', deep down in your heart (to some peoples, it was never, not even manage to reach their hearts and the respective person's), not even have the chance to utter it ...

They are none other than, Your TRUE FRIENDS -

True Friends (TF)
Scolds like a dad,

Nags like a mom (ermmm, have some recollections , hehe),

Teases like a sister,

Irritates like a brother ... to some extend, like a bug, like an elephant- glued- thorn, like a endo parasitic hook worm,

but they cares (except the thorn n hook worm part, hehe),

and finally,

loves you more than a lover (this statement will be alter once again, when i have my GF ... definitely need to be change !!! )

but moreover, loves you more than him/her self, ' dai suki des ' !!! (love you very very much - in Japanese) "

An example of a letter written by a friend to another of her friend. How long or when was the last time u wrote a love letter to your special ones ? I am touched by this ...

Had enough of those sweet and beautiful words ? Nope ?

I knew it ... and prepared something more for you ...

My message converges from here (for some part of the message, as the sms cannot support ... ' my long nags, babbling endless ly ...haha '

" I have no idea who i am to you but ...(the following messages varies from a person to a person), if you want reply, please do so, because i wanted , eager, longed to know, what kind of people/friend to you ...

The funs starts here :

You have always been a kind and close to me.

Someone who i can and manage to call as" A TRUE Friend ". (My CLOSE n TRUE buddies)

Someone who i want to call as a True Friend, when the time comes, when you are ready to view me as a friend without any discrimination / subjective /selfish thoughts. (buddies, who will be , sooooon, definitely will be - Close & TRUE friends )

Someone who i dare to use the words ' saya sayang kpd anda ... spt mana saya sayang kpd Nya ' (Uuuhh, tdk sampai 3 org saya menggunakan kata - kata tersebut sbb takut di salah fahamkan, seorg sudahpun meninggal ... thanks to this fella, i am scared to such words ... please don't ask me why, the scars from this fella , to some peoples, i have mentioned why, i may even mentioned it in my blog but, let the bygone be bygone) (ONLY, STRICTLY prohibited to my lovers, my dears .... until my GF pops up, i can't be selfish by then right? haha ... )

...... I can't think more than that, sbb baru bangun dari tido (just woke up)...... LOL !!!

Jgn kecewa kalau x dapat sms dari saya, sekarang mesej ini sampai juga kpd anda cuma, less romantik / less romantis sbb semua pun dapat membaca ... haha ....

Yours truly and the ONLY one on this blue planet,

I would like to apologize to you if i have ever hurt your feelings with my words, i do not such intention but, i am sorry. I may have hurt you because i care about you , very much indeed.

No enough ? : )

I knew it (once again ... LOL ), ok lo, my last message for this post :

Some Medi facts (eyes are the window of a soul ) :

Relationship between two eyes

Eye comes in pair,


blink together,

move together,

cry together,

sleep together,

watch good, sorrowful, beautiful , naughty stuffs together (eh le, bukannya <>)

and gossips together with its owner as well, hoho ...

Though they never see each other ...

Friendship should just be like that

No matter where u are, no matter who you are, as long as our heart is connected to each other,

as long as we talk and keep intouch with each and another

Life could be less meaningful and to some of us, life means nothing or incomplete without them

....................... The End ......................


farah_AJ said...

ouh...byknye kata2 indah
sampai indigestion lak :P

semoga menjadi penulis yang boleh menyentuh perasaan pembaca

Choy HH said...

Tdk lah sebanyak mana yg kami, ahli sains kesihatan telah ' menelan ' selama ini : )

It takes time to digest ma, but the result are tremendously wonderful !

Thanks for the wish, memang hajat di hati tetapi perjalanan jauh dan tdk disuluh oleh mana mana pihak lagi. Someday it will happen, i am sure ...

Anonymous said...

I always motivated by you, your views and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Norman

Choy HH said...

Well, ... thank you very much for your comment, Norman !

May God bless u with a inspiring, strong & unshattered spirit . Do drop by again.