Wednesday, August 19, 2009

911, buddies ?

Dear all,

911 - is not just limited to an emergency call concept . Here, i am elaborating on a great team composed of my favorite singer,

911 have created some great histories in 90s, during my school boy period. Talk / write is cheap, lets listen to some of their great songs (my favs) :

1st song -

911 - The Day We Find Love

(Superb !).

I did not find the stat for this song ...

Click here :


Another one more great hit :

2nd song

911 : A Little Bit More .

The stat for this song : Hit UK No.1 in 1999.

Click here :

Give them a try, my buddies and hope you all would enjoy it. Cheers !



laptop2vpro said...

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angel_nina85 said...

i so miss the 90's... but my fav boyband was westlife (late 90's)..

Choy HH said...

Well, Westlife is a great band too but 911 is an older band, thus, i missed them more and some of their songs are such a ' Great Hit'.

Hope those late 90's band wouldn't just ' dissapear' like that ...

How about Spice girls n BSB?


Ikster said...

Haha~ Just a couple of months back I had this "pang" for their songs and ended downloading all their albums except for the remake one.

I find myself still loving that boyish voice Lee has :P

Selamat berpuasa to you too & get well soon. Hopefully you'll fully enjoy the month =)