Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Apple Tree & A Boy

Good day and salam sejahtera to all,

There was a story long time ago which tells about a bond between a young kid and a strong -willed apple tree...

I believe we could reflect ourselves a lot from this simple story and in my perception, this is not just limited the the bond of ..., but rather to all humans who had sacrificed and supported us all along in our epic of life's journey.

Hope this bring much flashbacks to you all and allow serenity to continually walk side by side with us all and leave ' for granted' behind the track of life. Life cannot never be calm or even close to perfection if human to human relationships are not in it.

Do share the story with your loved ones and simple questions for us to ponder on :

When was the last time you gave a hug, hand shake or even a kiss to those who are dearly to you? Do you feel like doing now? What could possible stop you than rather ... yourself ?

Chances are something which we CAN create , and it never was easy to take even a minute out of a person's life for us. When someone does that unconditionally and even without you needed to ask, those are the ones for us , remember this - many obstacles later in life will appears like ' false appears truth ' which definitely include this :

Peoples who tends to get close to you as they earn, solely benefits from you - who will never be there when u needsa shelter, when you need a helping hand and even a few simple pieces of advice.

Look around, can you name those who cares about you all along? What is your next move? Go to them and grab them, utter the magic words which will make this bond be everlasting ...

The little kids daily routine includes :

and he fell in love with the tree ... Now the real story begins ...

Remember, this story is not just about parents, but rather, everyone who have been there for us and continues to do so, unconditionally . All you ever need is just a call / sms.



angel_nina85 said...

i duno y... but it makes me cry...

Choy HH said...

Dear Nina,

It means there is something u need to do, and make a haste. You never want a chance to never exist again in the future.

There are plenty of room for improvement, start now and you have us by ur side.