Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dissatisfaction ...

Good day to all and salam sejahtera,

Currently, i have just ended my last meeting regarding for a trip to Sg Siput Kuala Kangsar tomorrow, where my institute and my team will be performing another community service , focusing on the poor vilagers on that spot. Soon, i will be packing up as usual.

So my dear fellow buddies, i will be off on Wednesday , 24th June till this Friday night, 26th June.

Always believe in yourself, showers the human around you with sincerity and they will respond kindly and sincerely to you? Wrong idea buddies, i doubt you will get what you suppose to get and it is rare for things to be as smoothly like that.

Well, what to say but an ideal trip were once again totally being blown of the track, becoming a so - so normal , expected trip due to several reasons. Why did i labor so much efforts and expectations into a plan where i myself knew it will eventually went out of my prediction again? One of the reason is that i am still naive and you need to please your superiors. Even though they have handed down a project to you, they still have the power to simply judge based on their feelings which are totally insensible and irresponsible. Where is the two sided communications ?

Why did they handed down the project to me where at the end, they altered it as how they find themselves are comfortable with it? Don't they have any responsibilities towards myself, where is the minimal level of respect which is suppose to have been shown to me? It is totally fine if i make errors but, just because they did not do their jobs/hold their responsibilities well, i am the victim here?

So, this what being a superior really are? Superb inconsiderate. I do believe that not everyone will behave in such a way, i believe in a better tomorrow.

I just feel unsatisfied , totally unsatisfied, as i cannot fully gain theirs support.
If you choose to believe in someone, please be with them and keep believing in them.

Do not keep on counting your credits at the end, where is your sincerity and responsibilities ? It is easily replaceable with money and praise?


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