Friday, June 26, 2009

How was the trip to Perak- Sg Siput?

Good day fellow friends,

The trip was fine, we have a feast on durians ... in a short summary (i will update further once i receive the photos including Pulau Ketam trip - nowadays is very hard to meet up with my friends, we have started taking a walk on our own path),

You go with a slim body and went back with an enlarged body ... increased size in your ' spare tires' - well, it does sounds comfy , right? If only you have followed around during THE Night Walk ... hoho, not many of them lasted, and stays smiling on the day after , an exception for hensem Mr Choy, that is so not a prob , the only difficulty is that i am borned with a bad eye sight, and it is wayyy worst during night, can u imagine, how would it feel to be in my position and went for a ' NIGHT walk' ? With pals whom you can trust along with some experiences .... not a problem la, mental power- booster on !

Btw, we walked far, for almost 3 hours right after the rain ...

Night walk = Night (true darkness where u cant see your own palm when u put in front of your eye) + Jungle trekking + NO usage of torchlight or whatever light producing equipments. Interesting ah? This fella facilitator said that our course track was made for ' little kids ', somehow we fell for that, ceh ! He must have meant for ' Big kids' ...

Not a bad trip after all, except for the bus service where, .... x patut cerita tetapi cerita juga, bas tu hanya hantar u pergi n balik dari kem, no straying from that path - and i planned for a great further adventure in Perak - X menjadi lah . Not bad sbb i am the half pass corordinator (another half pass are my mentors who ' called' and ' talk' to them on phone).

Generally, 7 / 10 stars , the community service was well done though in a rush , we received plenty of smiles with an addition of ABO blood grouping test which brings the total of 4 tests for the villagers. Only if it is longer and all my plans worked well, ... learn from this, as more improvements to come. Must find an alternative for the bus service + discounts ...

Alright, more stories to blabber on later..., chow !


Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Choy HH said...

Thank you very much for your kind words ^_^ !!!

Feel free to drop by again.

Anonymous said...

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