Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On leave, yay !

Dear all and salam sejahtera,

I will be off till Sunday, going to recharge and relax myself a bit thus, i usually won't go online on this few days except to check my email, late night everyday.

Keep the comments and emails rolling in
(do not hold your words and thoughts ) and treasure every seconds in life as once it is taken away, you won't even have a chance to whine, neither to regret about it. It happens to anyone as long as you are a mortal.

And ah, stay far from being materialistic, workaholic and status/ high position seeker in this society. Eventually or no matter how, you are just a human and a human should be treated as how a human should be treated.

People said being normal is the most precious and it is happiness. Agree? Or you would enjoy living in a backstabbing, over caution, constant doubting, sincere less and truth less communities?

Think ... IT IS HAPPENING every now and then, agree?


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