Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What have i been up to lately?

Good day everyone,

This entry is delivered exclusively to a friend of mine who ask about my well being lately.

Well, my friend, 1 st things 1st about well being,

1. Physical well being - I havent been sick in lately, not as far as a few years, not even a fever , very rarely - headache. So, i am physically well ... haha.

2. Mental well being - Yeah, this is the major crisis in life. God have given me a good physical health to care for my dear friends but as the same time, HE gave and keep on giving me trials n tribulations in life. Should i be grateful for that ? I believe it is a ' YES'.

Lately, i have been into my research, went around Uitm yesterday and realize it is a humongous, gigantic blocks of concrete ... not user friendly. Asking around for procedures and permissions and the outcome was very encouraging. Just that, within d campus, i have walked non stop 3 hours, got lost a few times and i starting to understand what is A CAMPUS LIFE, they really dooo have a life just inside the campus, not really the outside. Coz it is a gigantic mall ! What else do u need? But i wouldn't said that they know most things in their campus.

Emm.. i have been developing affections with my laptop, doing my stuff, playing with it and somehow with internet along, both of us are quite inseparable. I realize something which i would like to share with u all,

Try this IF POSSIBLE , have a thorough thoughts:

Try to stay away frm electrical appliances xcept refridgerator, handphone and other daily appliances xcept laptop + internet, TV, or watever entertainment related stuff. Sit down (assume that you have giving 1 month holiday), and tell me, (or u can consider no electric supply at all )

1. How is your life?
2. Who have been in your mind and what have u been thinking?
3. Misses a few of your precious buddies (then again , let us discard the ' handphone' option frm the list , NO handphone !

4. What are your achievements/ things that make u proud?
5. How do u look into your life? Busy? Really busy or just pretending so?

End of the experiment -Keep the reflections to yourself-

And please dont feel so GRAND about saving the world with just switching of the lights with an hour, it is nothing, it is because some of us who make it hard. So called Earth hour, dont bother to save the Earth , save yourself 1st and perhaps by starting to make less unnecessary excuses.

Continue with my stories, i have been in and out from my own institutions, asking for appointments, get a few discouraging glare, learn plenty of lessons about life, and really appreciate my special buddies sacrifices their time for me till up to a level that i want to apologies to them because i have really taken their time for helping me, without any materialistic rewards.

I am still in my holiday, i ended it as u have known because i have unfinished work ( i am suppose to carry out my research at the end of August i perhaps... ), can't stand when peoples are progressing and i duduk goyang kaki.

I am free , buddies, feel free to contact me if u need my help. I am looking forward for any branch interms for trips , or forging a bond with other institutes to do a grand trip / events but kind of tired to do everything myself ( an excuse ...). I want my life to be happening.

My best lessons which i can share wit u all, besides the WORST PAIN in life which is losing people who u r dear, the perhaps... 2nd WORST pain would be being helpless and lack of knowledge to help your self and people whom u r dear to.

Ah Boon, i have a lanun DS ..haha. Emulator ... i am such a unethical person am i? So, i think besides DS and watching shows like Japanese anime/ drama (not for little kids, to many abstract knowledges and life lessons, and i cant believe some silly humans view anime as cartoons and it is for ' little kids' ...i wonder, who is the little kid here), i did nothing much la to undo my stress.

I tried to reach out for peoples whom i wish to talk to or bring a stronger bond 2gether, it is just not the time yet, i believe, as busy is THE ULTIMATE excuse that we have for our self and of course, who are u to others?

Boon Boon, have u tried 1 liter of tears ( Jap drama)? If not , do try it, I would like to get your comment on it. The rest of my life are displayed here, in this tiny, crappy, and educational LESS, blog.

Take good care of yourself and i am glad that most of you have a HAPPENING life.



BooNMiNG said...

haha... nice one!!

1 litre of tears.. heard that after watching all 11 episodes of it .. you will drop 1 litre of tears.. so i dun dare to watch until now... hahahaha

you have a great life!! go on with it!! chase your dream!!

tell you honestly, one day without electrical appliances will kill me... can you imagine one day without your handphone?! i can't even imagine that!!! imagine how much a small handphone can do for you nowadays... contacting friends, emergency usage, taking a random photo shoot, video-taping, gaming.. etc etc...

perhaps one day i will try that ?? but not now ... not now ... haha

Choy HH said...

Yo Boon Boon,

I have a great life? Haha.. what triggers that thought of ya?

Things were just getting started, plenty more to learn and experience.

Haha..handphone, ya, electric has become our best partner in life. Imagine if they raise the fees for electric ...

I do enjoy gadgets but d more complicated and a bunch of functions for it, d more i will object and feel frustrated when i got KO not because i 'injured' it but rather it got ' self injures' after i didnt use it for period of time.