Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What do you want to share/ask me?

Dear all,

I got this idea frm a friend of mine, so this entry is about,

What do you want to ask your friend here? Any questions to fire at Mr Choy?

Well, there is a need for a new breath in blogging ...

You are welcome to comment anything but sensitive stuffs.



BooNMiNG said...

haha... i want to ask, what is your planning in getting a girlfriend, and then plan to date for how long before propose and marriage?? :)

What are your hobbies when youa re extremely bored in the varsity??

Choy HH said...

Haha... soalan cepo-emas.

Marriage, i leave it to faith n fate as there aint much 'opportunities' here, not many are chinese. Dont worry my friend, you will be the chosen one , same goes to the rest of my malaysian buddies who is reading this : You WILL be invited to my wedding ceremony. In some simple words for sharing :

I may serve no significance in your life but things may go upside down when i view you all as friends.

The same question goes back to u, give me a reply ya. It seems pretty many girls are clinging to u. Bila 'hari' itu akan sampai?

Hobbies when i am varsity due to boredom, -

1) Blogging
2) sms -literature (not just any ordinary message)
3) Invite a few important friends of mine for a cup of drink ( special friends due to a gap in age)
4) Worse comes to worse, sleep ... haha.
5) Watching anime is a ROUTINE.

Hope that you find some satisfaction in my answers (bear in mind, i always try to minimize my budget/expenses).


Chuah said...

Hi hewhei....its a gud idea to open ur blog for Q&A session...my question is how n cn stay positive despite al the problems tat v al r facing

Choy HH said...

I will post an entry for that now, wow, tidur pukul 3 am nampak? Take care of your health la, dont damage it too much.

U r not having insomnia , correct? U cant possible be ...