Friday, April 17, 2009

My Most Important Thing

Good day friends,

Since you all find the answer from my previous entry is rather 'personal' and need some privacy ... fine- i respect your rights.

By the way, plenty friends have asked my opinion regarding my most important thing in life. It is kind of Deja vu as i believe i kept on mentioning day in and day out. Don't you find that you do have some 'responsibility' to share with me your thoughts after i gave mine?

It is a very simple and fundamental thing in this world, in my life. Just 4 letters - BONDs (relationsip, not James Bond) ! Why not cash ($$) or big cars, houses, handphones, computers ... bla bla regarding materialistic approach. Well, i kind of find it lonely to spend the rest of my life with those 'things' though i dont deny they are ' important' in life but NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT to me.

Do i need to explain why i chose ' Bonds' as my answer? Simple, it hurts the most when i lose it and it is quite satisfying and unimaginary happiness when i gain it. The good thing is it will keep breeding and brings plenty of memories which most of it, you can't buy with $$. Another advantage is it gave you a better surrounding and will most probably change the way you see and behave towards this world.

'Humans can't possible live alone' , no matter what you had experienced in the past. God made us to have a heart in each person, why not 2 or 3? One, anatomically, so that you CAN only have one irreplaceable heart (possible in transplant but low survival rate and it is complicated and ethically involved). Two, one heart is big enough to store many humans in it . That is where the phrase ' Big heart' resurfaced in humanity.

I believe God gave a divine purpose to our heart, a hidden function besides the crucial usage of it scientifically in our body, which is a 'device' to detect what is artificial pain (literature view as pain) is all about? I mean you can feel others pain and you feel SICK when people scolded at you for no or unimaginable absurd reason, sympathy and empathy - occurs when you did something which violates your religions teaching or when you lie or did something bad to others.

Emmm, one last opinion on why BOND, it is veryyyy hard to gain it yet damn easy to loose it ( you are thinking and viewing at the wrong idea here !). I don't deny bonds is something hard to be gain but for most reason, in true 'friendship' , it is somehow evergreen, you just don't lose it that simple and perhaps to other peoples, death is not even a separator when it comes to bonds.

LOL, this is a good one !

So, besides bond, let me think what could possibly be other answers that my pals can give me ...

You can't possible exist in this world in the 1st place if it is not because of a bond (leave the affection matters out of this, it is still , with the worst possibility, a bond - I mean you may 'accidentally' be born into this world due to some irresponsible beings with their irresponsible acts). No hard feelings, just a thought as this kind of event is common in news nowadays.

PS: By the way, i have ask a good friend of mine the same question in YM, unbelievably, the minute i press the button send , and off my question on 'What is your most important thing in life' sent to him, not even in two seconds, he replied , " I don't know".

Wow, i have a long smile and the night after that event is so hilarious , i mean, at least have some time to figure it out, and don't answer as simple as 'i dont know'. I aspect some replies like , " Why do you want to know - a typical answer", " What do you mean by ...", or anything else. I wonder what got into me that night, i really burst out in laughters .


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