Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Most Important Thing

Good day dear friends,

Don't worry, it is just some self provoke questions which will make you all think and think. It won't be a long entry.

Give me some feedback, will ya?

Alright ,

If you are given a chance to write an essay regarding , " The MOST important thing to you ", what would it be? We can classify the answersss into 2 categories : Living and non living. Living for example bonds with the persons who are dear to you , non living - all those materialistic aspects in life.

My answer? haha... perhaps i would answer it soon, after i get some feedback of course !

There is nothing to be ashamed off, if you are the one, living and yet don't know and feel embarrassed about your wish on what is the most important thing to you , what are your thoughts about others?

Thus, be truthful to yourself and always, protect and work on to make betterment towards your ' GOAL - The MOST important thing to you '.


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