Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crisis and Inner strength

Dear all,

In response to a friend of mine's inquiry :

how n cn stay positive despite al the problems tat v al r facing? I assume the Q is how n can we.

Can we - DEFINITELY CAN ! Just dont revert yourself to any health damaging activities. Perhaps try what i am doing nowadays : Sleep early - 10pm, wake up around 6 am. If possible (i know it is not ..hehe), take an early strol- walk around and inhale oxygen as much as possible ( AMAP ). Go blogging - no matter people read your blog or not, assume it as a spot for you to release anger/stress (but beware, nowadays people tends to sue bloggers, coz they are not covering their words very well).

Call up a friend and ask for a cup of tea lo, tak susah ma. Anything just contact me or comment on my blog - i'll get back to you. Listen to the musics and let it heal ya. At least we are living in a peaceful place in Malaysia

What problems are you facing? Assignments/ works terlalu banyak ke? Monetary (money) crisis?

You have been managing it pretty well , now is not time to dwell or breakdown in it. Money - depends on your needs, if you are a people like me who care less about branded stuffs - cloth ke, hp ke... , dont mind eating healthy even if it means to be a vegetarian, dont get influence much on gadgets-electronic stuffs, seldom go to any unnecessary entertainment place which expensive (disco ke, benda-benda yg dipandang negatif oleh masyarakat, casino ( i went to Genting once for exposure, nah, not going back ever again coz that place doesnt suit me) ... things should be fine.

I think i have way much problems than you, i assume as Lord has given me a very good health (when was the last time u heard me that i am sick, seen me with a MC b4 ?) Nah... d last case was that food allergy stuff- i have an entry on that ... not my fault then again is my fault to choose that dish ..hahaha. Most of my prob are related to my mental - emm, for example : Why certain people react weirdly even if you are sincere/kind to them?

More on complexities involving relationship with the world and of course, good peoples seldom stays long with you, in my case, they usually leave for a far land or i just can't reach them anymore (heaven). They are like finding a needle in an ocean , very hard to find this precious peoples in life and perhaps this is funny, i come of with a conclusion that :

Sometimes, you can't see them, but you can feel they are friends. It may just need some time and chances, to clear your doubts !

Lord delivers a message to me saying : ' If you are not being grateful and appreciate peoples or things around you, i might take it away from you '. Be brave even if it means to be cruel to people once a while, if you call them as a friend, then seek for their response or feeling towards you (are you really a friend to them?) If the answer is ' yes', dont worry and just be you, they are 'friends' - peoples who care and will understand you '.... but i am not very sure about the real scenario, THE REALITY !

Emm, to put it in a simple way, when i saw a friend (like what happen a few days ago), as i needed his help in some aspect, i went to meet this fella and ended up knowing he was exhausted and sleeping on his chair. What do you think i felt at that time? I quit and hold my intentions back !

Choy is a weak hearted man you see, most of the time, he put others in front of him and thats why, people like myself, may have difficulties in living especially in relationship issues as we tend to 'understand' and this leads to being sensitive and soft hearted. Honest speaking, if that person is not a friend, and based on formal code/issues, i wont be that consern / caring (thats y i said i am not a noble person, not an angel !).

Hope that you have learn a bit out of what i shared with you. There is solution if you dont seek for one even if it means to walk blindly in a dark cave without a helping hand, still, you need to keep walking all by yourself, you may tripped and fall down, get hurt n feeling wanted to bash your head onto the wall and just GIVE UP !

The moment that thought comes in, i am sure, terror runs in as well . We are programmed in such a way, thus, keep walking and pray to Lord.

Even if it means to live a life alone, but if we keep believing that one day , things would be better and i will meet my utopia, you will ! Hang in there , buddy !

You really think i am going to jump off with you ? Nah ..haha, i would pulled you back before you even have that ugly intentions ...


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