Saturday, April 11, 2009

A brief summary on my trip

Dear all,

Actually, i wanted to write an entry for my trip to Hospital Bahagia (Tanjung Rambutan) and a good buddy of mine's home back in Ipoh, but perhaps a little for now as i am waiting for the photos. Sorry, i dont own a camera though i really want it now !

Hospital Bahagia in Tanjung Rambutan, what ideas that pop up in your mind when u heard the word ' Tanjung Rambutan' ? Yeah, i have been to THE psychiatric hospital which i believe the biggest and the oldest block for psichiatry institution.

What i did there? Walk and look, have some chat with the patients, look for plenty of facilities and the lifestyles over there. The place is rather cheeful , bright, plenty of plantations , its just not that sullen and dark perception of those negative- thought peoples.

Besides that, i have been to Gua Tempurung / Tempurong, entrance fee Rm 11, it is damn worth if you people are looking for a 2-4 hours advanture in a cave, dark cave with plenty of water. Prepare to get soak and muddy .... try to have a torch light, you will need it. I found that it is lucky that i came out in one piece, because of my shoe which have lost its grip ! Dont bother to bring camera n handphone in it, you will have a hard time later.

I believe thats for now, wait till i get the pictures, my entry will be much more better with details and photos. Alright , till then, do wait patiently ... haha.


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