Monday, March 2, 2009

Prof stabbed, followed by suicide ?

Good day my buddies,

Breaking news- What happened to our educational system nowadays around the globe?

A breaking news frm NTU Singapore, got to know about this when a friend of mine who is studying in NTU published this in his blog. Well, without much further delays ...

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Wow a final year student, ...going to grad soon, kind of waste ... all the hard years trying to impress others and create a good image.

Need not for any comments, but i do believe society have a big roles in this, without much notice though ... Thanks to the mindsetsss from the society. no money no talk ; no money, no actions. A slave towards materialism.

Break a leg, not the body n mind.



Anonymous said...

I’m not surprised at all. All Singaporeans are nut case!! It’s a matter of time before the time bomb goes off.

Blame it on the Lees for leading Singapore into this mess. Looks at the economy, look at the losses at Temasek and GIC.

Patrick Siva

Choy HH said...

Thanks for the comment Patrick.

Let us not simply label anyone as nut case but allow us to discuss the the core of such irresponsible act among our dear students-future leader nowadays.

This is my intention for making such entry. Sorry, i am not at Singapore's economic n political aspects.