Friday, March 6, 2009

Gil Ofarim -Great songs

Good day everyone,

Oh Great, just trying some new downloaded Japanese songs ...simply downloaded n the result is YUCK !!!

Coz nowadays it is kind of hard to simply bump into something good.
Anyway, d good news is i have found back the lost songs which i used to loved and i would like to share with u all, i am sure u all will like it too. Kind of remembers the melodies of those songs n tat drove me to search for them back.

English songs frm Gil Ofarim (my old time favourite) - Used to combine a song with The Moffatts (another great group of young fellas with great songs - too bad most of the nice bands didn't last that long ). Well, i hate hip hop or the latest English song trends.... it is just No No from me. Alright, give it a try buddies :

From Gil Ofarim
Title :

1. If You Only Knew (featuring The Moffats).

2. It's Your Love

Well, kind of nostalgic feelings ...

Well, if this two one of a kind song pleases you, give me some comment on it, perhaps i can recommend some more from the singer (well still downloading some, sorry, bad memories i cant remember the lost songs title, so it will take some time to download them n refresh my memories.

Give it a try !

Well, if u didnt notice, the singer is a male ... You can have a glimpse at the song via YouTube.


PS : If u can't find it, let me know, i can email it to you or via Yahoo Mesenger. Just put some note for me in the comment n i'll get to you ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mate,
I'm Looking For His Cover to A Cut Called: 'CHARLINE' by 'Wallenstein' (German Progressive Band), should be a 1998 release. not sure.

Got This One?



Choy HH said...

Good day to you, Amir,

So sorry, never heard or came across ' Charline ' , perhaps you can try to search on YouTube (most probably you have did so ... ).

Take care & thank you.