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Buah Peria/Bitter gourd- Benefits From Tasting Bitterness in Life

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There is a saying in Chinese language : Bitter is a good medicine in life. More bitterness, more healing effects. Is it true ? I'll leave it for you all to wonder n ponder about.

For this entry, let's us discuss on CAM - Complementary n Alternative Medicine which specified to Bittergourd ( BUAH PERIA) and the improved medical benefits of bittergourd product - Insupro forte.

A slight introduction on Bittergourd ( yeah yeah, the photo is blur ... didnt notice it till just now... though it has been in my laptop for ages ) ... :-)

You can try the info from this link - Click here -

And more info from this - Click here -

Benefits and Therapeutic Effects of Bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd Nutrition Content and Consumption

Variation of Products of Bitter gourd

Now, to narrow down the entry to one of the EasyPha-max product ( i am not promoting this product but only to create an awareness in this blog ).

Ta Da, .... Insupro forte .

With the motto :

Bitter gourd -
The vegetable of choice,
Insupro Forte IS THE CHOICE .

*** Insupro forte IS an Alternative medicine in treating Diabetes.

Brief Intro about this product .

There are researches done in University of Malaya regarding the Antidiabetic Property of Momordica charantia (Bitter gourd). Plenty of certs and testimonials regarding Insupro forte and it has been commercialised in our local (Malaysia) television channel ( eg : TV3 )... i do have the VCD and the detailed booklet around 30 plus pages consist of Mandarin, Malay/ Malaysia and English Languages.

YOU can get the product in Malaysia !

Feel free to browse the web on the product, check Youtube - no idea there is any info over there or not, and visit the company- check their website - click here -

Insupro Forte is made with plant derived insulin antibody. The insulin used is extracted from 100% natural bitter gourd by advanced bio-technological methods.

* 1 tablet = beneficial effect of 20 bitter gourds

Each Insupro Forte contains at least 200 IU of botanical insulin. Insupro Forte is a molecular plant protein, and is more readily absorbed into our system when compared to animal insulin.

Insupro Forte not only helps to bring down the blood sugar level, it also helps repair physically altered beta cells. Insupro Forte not only protects the beta cells, in fact it promotes the production of more beta cells. This increase in healthy beta cells restores the function of pancreas.

* Beta cells are involved in the production of Insulin- a type of enzyme used to convert access sugar in our body into storage form and the form ( glycogen) are used when the body needs energy / sugar where it is converted to ATP (an energy currency in our body via the antagonist property enzyme of insulin which is glucagon ).

This property of Insupro Forte differs greatly from the insulin replacement property of conventional medication. On top of that, clinical trials have proven that an overdose on Insupro Forte does not induce hypoglycemia or other side effects.

6 people die from diabetes every minute

Diabetics are up to 2.5 times more likely to go blind compared against the general population. The risk of amputation is even more pronounced, the risk is estimated to be up to 20 times higher than average. Diabetics are 2-3 times more likely to develop cardiovascular problems, and the risk of kidney failure is 17 times higher.

Choose Insupro Forte, the trusted and effective product

1. Insupro Forte is a high tech product that can improve the blood sugar level in 7-10 days of consumption.

* If my memory still serve me correctly, ONE table of Insupro forte is equivalent to 20 Bitter gourd consumption in terms of it beneficial properties ( the key word of the active ingredient in the bitter gourd are , for example SAPONIN - which have sugar reducing property )

2. Medically proven in more than 600 case studies in 20 hospitals to be effective in lowering the blood sugar level.

3. It had been proven by a research done by University Malaya to have similar effects to medicines used in diabetes treatment.

4. It can replace medicine in the treatment of diabetes (a clinical trial had verified that it has the same properties as Metformin, and is effective up to 86.68%)

5. Plant derived insulin - each capsule contains 200 IU insulin (unit for the active ingredient)

6. Naturally derived - safe and without side-effects

Any questions, feel free to comment or contact me. I'll help as far as possible.


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