Sunday, January 4, 2009

Words to Ponder On

A wind blows through a city
The wind is cold, and at times, it may make you want to stop

When that time comes, i want you to continue moving forward, no matter how slowly,
You will definitely reach it someday.

Even if sad thing happen, you will be fine.
If you reach out your hand, someone will be there.
Because we can share warmth.

Even if you are alone on a tough journey,
As long as you don't let go of the hand you hold onto, you will definitely triumph.
That is why you should never give up.

At the end of the long, long road, happiness awaits you.
Happiness gathers together and becomes an even greater happiness.

One day, i want you to realize this :
You have experienced plenty of happiness when you walk down this road.

Never forget,
You are not alone.
Carve your confident footsteps into the ground, transcend the seasons and look up towards the cerulean sky,

Even without wings, you will make it...
To that dream you saw one day,
That dream of a future, overflowing with light !

Adopted from ef- A Tale of Melodies : Translated.

Person who has intention.
Person who stands up again.
It begins to move again.
Person who spins time.
Person who walks to the future.
It is a story of the " Will ".


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