Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy CNY to all !

Good day everyone, Ni men hau ma? (how are u all? )

Yeah, as the pictures speaks a zillion words, hereby i would like to greet all Bloggers, A Happy Wondrous, Prosperous , Joyous, and everyday wa ha ha ha day ! To my MSU buddies, wow , plenty of them, n receive plenty of cards from them too ... THANKS a LOT and Thanks for always remembering me. For those who didnt celebrate CNY, y not? Be part of it , hard? Nah, just reach out to your buddies n say ' hi' to them, trust me, i did this all the time especially Raya, Deepavali , Christmas and many many more festivals. I feel great after that. We are all Malaysians, remember? Happy Holiday everyone, relax, review the past and respond to the future !

Well, here is some illustarted Mandarin oranges and cookies for everyone (well x leh makan xpa, dapat tengok pun ok la...haha).

Oooh, with a little ' Bulbasaur ' on it, interesting...

By the way, we refer this oranges as 'kam', from a chinese word which means, 'Gold'. So, when people offer these oranges to you, it mean he or she want to shares fortunes with u along with a blessing that you life will be filled with good lucks n Goldsss.

Kuih Kapit
'Nian kau' - Kuih Bakul ....pretty much differ in terms of meaning.

' Nian' can be term as year or years, 'kau' means high, tinggi.... when combines, in chinese words, it delivers a blessing in terms of ' every year, your spirit ,...watever good will keep on coming and reaching a higher n higher level.

And the last cookies for today,

........ I wonder what it calls in Malay and English language, but a direct translation form Chinese language mean ' Bees Nest'....i guess the shape resembles it...

Does this Bees Nest have any significant meanings? Sure do, yeah, it tastes great to my tummy ... haha.

This time is a bit busy with my works, usually, we quite high in spirit when it comes to such celebrations involving ketupat, mandrin oranges, firecracker.... those stuffs which doesn't appear often n does not sounds special when the time have yet to come.

I remember last year, during festive seasons, like for example CNY, me n my buddies wil b busy packing n decorating Mandrin oranges to our beloved pals n superiors along with our lecturers and instructors.It is great to see them smiling as it is a pleasant surprises to them, especially to those who are not keen with CNY.

Well not this year. Hopefully such tradition will be carry on forever, yeah, let us not make excuses and start to execute an action.

Yours truly,


Taekwon-TRG said...

BEES NEST in trg called kuih karas.

Choy HH said...

Oh, begitu rupanya Saiful. Nampaknya anda jenis yg gemar makan juga ya...haha. Thanks.