Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Super Great New Year

Selamat Tahun Baru dan salam persahahabatan semua, Lama dah tdk mengukir karya dlm blog ini.

So speaking about resolution / resolutions and New Year, just a very short summary on what i am going to deliver to my dear friends and readers, hargai lah sambutan Tahun Baru ini seumpama mana-mana perayaan spt Hari Raya , Tahun Baru Cina, Deepavali dan pelbagai lagi.

Kenapa? Mudah sahaja, bukan sbb anda dah tua, dah bosan dgn perkara seumpama ini sbb tiap tiap tahun pun ada Tahun Baru .... jangan jadi kan apa2 alasan utk anda tdk menghargai setiap detik dlm hidup anda. Anda tdk pernah kehilangan kelayakan utk menikmati hidup dlm apa jua cara sekalipun.

Jika Awal Muharram ialah perayaan Tahun Baru utk umat Islam, maka pd 1 haribulan Januari, ialah sambutan Tahun Baru utk kesemua rakyat Malaysia, jgn lupa anda juga sebahagian rakyat di negara ini.

Berapa kali dalam hidup anda yg Tahun Baru ,sambutan Hari Jadi beserta dgn perayaan lain akan bersua dgn anda? Ada yg berpendapat dirinya dah tua, birthday celebration tu hanya lah utk kanak2 sahaja. Well, mark my words, nothing good comes from having thoughts that you are old and, trust me, you will regret this when you age later, 80, 90 or even 100. I definitely hope any one who read this will live till 100, not just that, having a long meaningless life is just an empty life, i want your life to be filled with laughter , colorful dreams and wishes, and never ending spirit to look forward for 2morow, as fun approaches closely everyday.

Any celebration invoke the spirit to unite the people around you, it is not just about you, it is more towards a reflection on how you treat others back to yourself.
There was a saying, 'kalau saya kaya, setiap hari bagaikan hari Raya' ... Saya rasa itu hanya pendapat tersendiri sahaja, apa maknanya jika anda seorg sahaja yg kaya dan beraya sendiri?

This kind festivals and celebration are more less a catalyst or a drive for you to reach out those whom you care, lost in touch for a long time, ...bermuafakat dan UNITY... thats all.
If you spirit and thoughts are strong, sure you don't need a catalyst nor a reason for all this, everyday is a new year to you, but how many of us have such capability? Tepuk dada dan tanya selera.

Akhir kata, go and be a part of such celebration. I am not asking you to go for Countdown or something similar (pergi lah kalau boleh, amat digalakkan) , at least sms ke, call ke, just do something which makes you feel satisfy about this life, as a brand new year is approaching, break a leg!

You will never know what will happen tomorrow, thus, treat life as if there is no 2morow and live to the fullest.

My resolution for the past year was ' To build a strong and sincere bonds with my surrounding', as the matter affect, i have accomplished it, around 95%, another 5% applies as i have hurt certain peoples feelings and sometime i rush things up, making people feel awkward and suspicious to me....well, still lack of life experiences- naive.

For this coming New Year, my resolution will be to be ' Braver, more open and spends time to understand and see people around me. Be ready with a warm hand and heart for them, as my life mean nothing if they never exist or will going to exist in my life'. Treat anyone as how they are.

What about yours? Care to share with me? You must have even a very tiny vision even if you might find it insignificant. Have a life, you deserve it, you deserve happiness.

If you are lost in a mist or binded with vines of despair and misfortune or you make yourself into a slumber to ignore you surrounding or EVEN your world are surronded with darkness, summon me, call my name and believe in friendship ... Share it with peoples who have gain your faith, never ever put every burden solely on your shoulder.

May my prayer be with you, lifted your spirit a little and
Happy Prosperous year 2009 !!!