Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Lyric to Share

I wonder how long have I been pretending
That I had forgotten my dreams
Without even the tiniest courage to open a small window
I waited for a miracle

I no longer have the innocence from that day
When I had nothing to lose but…

After I dry my tears
I will meet a new me
Even if I lose everything, there will always be something else I will find
That’s why one day I will be able to become proud
Of those irreversible wounds, just like I am of myself

I’ve always been afraid of the future
I can’t see where it leads to
As I start walking, the scenery around me changes
And the light starts to shine

We can’t get rid of our loneliness
But I’m sure we can share it with each other

No one is alone, just by smiling we can be strong again
That’s why when you find yourself lost, remember that beautiful sky you once saw
The answer that you have been searching for
Is in the place where your dreams were

Lyrics for the song : Found Me by Kawamura Yumi

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