Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last Paragraph - Friendship

Good day everyone,

For this entry, i would like to insert the last paragraph of one of my favorite book which is 100 Inspirational Essays For Students, written by Stephen W.K.Tan (Malaysia product) entitled Friendship.

It sounds like this :

' One day, when we are old and gray, we will recall with emotion, those bitter-sweet memories, the great outings, vacations, adventure, and excitement we shared with our families, and friends. Those wonderful buddies in primary school, high school and university, with whom we have lost touch and may never meet again ... All those memories will bring tears to our eyes ' .

True or not? Haha ... i believe so, i mean, i need not to wait until i am old and gray, i have already experience the lost of a number of peoples, which include one of my close friend. And somehow, i keep losing those peoples whom i care and wish to have a stronger bond- Friendship. Perhaps, i am too serious when it comes to relationship with other peoples, for example, being too kind which invites doubts. Such a dilemma in life...


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