Saturday, November 29, 2008 ai, headache

Good day everyone, to put it. A, just bear with me, it may seems not important and silly but, for the sake of everyone.

Everyone who read this entry /blog, please take good care of yourselves. I rephrase once again, take GOOD care of yourselves.

I usually don't dream, well, not many ( i can count it out) which stays in my head when i wake up. This is one of them.... well, sounds, no...i mean it feels a little different than the rest....Anyway, i am not going to dwell in it, so, just remember to be careful no matter where u all are.

Maybe this is a sign for me, for reminding me to keep intouch with my pals. Well, recently i seems to make my own selfish thought reasons for not keeping intouch. I thought maybe it irrelevant to call my buddies as i dont know when is the ideal time to do so, what happen if i called during their work/meeting.... sms.... usually leave with an unanswered type of reply or no reply ( it is fine though i wish that my sincere reach their heart/head ... but in repeated situations, who wont be tired if they are ignored a few times...). It is not that i dont want to call but... just not used to...sounds funny huh?

Anyway, that is all for this entry, perhaps i am having some sort of stress.... well, off to my camping activities in Sepang, chow !

Will update on it if, i have the necessary materials and time.


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