Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bus Conductor?

Good day everyone,

Just a sudden urge for me to write on this blog. It seems lately, many stories, dramas, animations, real life scenarios which i have encountered, have some connection with 'smile'. This makes me remember of a simple yet highly impacted situation which occurred in my life which i would love to share with you all.

It started with a bus riding, where my destination is towards Pudu. A bus conductor inquired about my destination an i answered, ' I wish to go to Pudu'. Guest what she replied : ' Handsome young man, are you dropping by at Pudu jail '? At that moment, all i did was just smile, a direct smile and to be accurate, i didn't think nor try to smile, i just smiled (although her joke does seems a bit awkward and out...). And she spoke softly to me after that, saying " Wow, you sure do have a sweet and warmth smile". That was one of the sentences or should i say, a few of the many words spoken to me which are always fresh and memorable to me through out this years.It still makes me smile when ever i think about it.

And a few last words frm me, it is good to have a self who can smile directly and not making or pretending it up, and as human grew older, it seems there is a lot of temptations which tries to bring one self to a darker side. A wish of mine which i really want to make it become reality , i wish to take over the bus conductor's role and to say the following words to my pals ( whether i know them very well, not so well, or perhaps even strangers, but , anyone will do ,whom will have his or her fate cross with me:

My friends, You all really do possess a sweet, nice, charming and warmth smile . Always remember that you all are special, may it be you are special to yourself or to anyone or even you are special to other people whom you have never thought off, YOU ARE SPECIAL ! I hope i will be able to say this to you all at least once in my life. So keep smiling even when the world doesn't allow you to, for the sake of peoples whom you have encountered in life, whom have cared and gave blessings to you. When you smile to the world, the world will smile back to you too..... well... not always true though but don't let anyone stop you frm doing so.

Well, i am not a person who are good with jokes but, it is undeniable that i do wish to have a moment in life to smile,laugh and to spend some quality time together with you all.

Smile from your heart ... not for charity purposes or something similar but, because you want to and you mean it.


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Akmal Hisham Abdul Rahim said...

Nice entry :) Smile and people will wonder at you....