Friday, November 21, 2008

Aogeba Toutoshi

Curious about the meanings behind those Japanese words? It is one of the song/music which i wish to share with you all. Aogeba Toutoshi is a famous Japanese song which is played during the High School Graduation ceremony. Well, dont look down on it because it sounds so simple, try the link below 1st, hopefully this songs will touch your soul and ignite back all those sweet and bitter memories which you may forgot, forget, or something you remembers all along in life and will carried with you till forever.

Listen to this, b4 you continue to read : A music version with no lyric (click here)

If you find it is rather short try this , a Japanese flute version- instrumentation ( click here )

Well come to think about it, my High School Graduation is rather ...simple, even my parents aren't there for me. Nothing grand, its just a simple ceremony , no graduation song, but we did sang our school song n national Anthem (Negara ku).... The feelings on that day, quite touchy, quite not normal... haha. I am sure missed my teachers back then, some who i kept intouch, some were lost forever, some... i wonder where they are.

I recall when i was selected as one of the students representor , to deliver a speech during one of my teachers retiration day. Same thing occurs during my graduation ceremony in high school, my eyes were flooded by tears.... haha, well, i did some covering to it ...haha (pandai lah cover cover...hehe).

Well, knowing after that, all of us, my teachers, me and my buddies, all of us are heading into different path in life. Not to mention, the feeling of alone, shouldering the rest of my life's responsibilities.
What to highlight here? We have been far in life, with various stages, meeting various kind of peoples, situations and environment which forces us to change- well, so called 'evolution' , changing our thoughts and feelings, frm naive we claim ourself to be more mature, more unemotional - this is true as we tend to be so when we grew, the so called 'being emotional is being soft, weak hearted - unprofitable, a form of humiliation if occurs in adult'. My point is, we should not be so, we shouldn't forget those things, nothing to be embaressed , it is your treasures which u can bring anywhere , its your memories. What is a human without memories?

This is another version of the song with lyric and voice ( click here)

Try to reminisce / recollect those memories, you have been far, how and who are with u, side by side in your long journey?

This is d another version, well, sounds a bit like for elder type of people, but sounds good to me
( click here)

Enjoy, buddies ! If possible, try to shed some tears, a few long laughter and smile won't hurt either, it does bring benefits ! You are stronger, each and every minute in life and have a better wellbeing. Enjoy the lyric too.



Eleena said...

Hey, the music is really touching man.. I wish we too have this kind of song to sing during our graduation. Huhu

Choy HH said...

Thanks for the comment Eleena,

Where r u from? Well, here in my country, we were ordered to sing our school/uni songs plus national enthem (now thats...a bit outdated aren't we ..hahaha).

Hey, perhaps we can in the future, y not? It is OUR graduation ceremony, correct?


Jayson said...

By the way, we had a song also suitable for graduation...The song is kind of old, but I remember me and my classmates bursting in tears when we heard this song...