Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My current news....

Yus everyone, how r u all?

I am quite busy lately and quite upset that i can't 'beraya' well with my pals. Many invited me to their open houses, that is something which i am happy about. Thanks again to my pals (most of them who invited me are my blog readers) and then again, most of my pals are malays, well, just notice that not long ago... but my pals are the same to me, friends are friends, each with their own uniqueness.

But when considering i cant drive, and Mr Taxi drive like to suck his client's blood very well ....i am quite depressed.( i can't believe frm Shah Alam Section 13 travel to section 10-around 5 minutes, can cost up to Rm 10 plus..... geesh !)... what happen to the world n d funny thing, that fella never use d taxi meter.... though he hav a nice, shiny , brand new one. When i ask him politely (well actually, i am quite 'berserk' in my heart ..but still smile anyway), y didnt he use it, he reply proudly, ' I'll use it in high ways when d Mr traffic police is there. Travelling around in Shah Alam, i am quite good in d roads so i memorize d cost for each distances/ places which d clients wish to travel to.... in other words, 'standard price'. Kepala otak hang standard price. So d only way to keep budget down is to travel in groups , eg : destination cost Rm 10, go with 4 peoples, each will only need to pay around Rm 2 plus.

Hope that i will have some free time later. Next time, i wish to write something about medicine / drugs which we all maybe unaware off ( u may receive or buy certain drugs without knowing d names n side effects). Prepare 4 plenty of werid names.... i am sure most are expose to them when d nurse/ clinician conteng on d medicine cover with their 'nice' hand writtings along with d time n period to ingest (eat) d drugs for each day- frequency.

Till then, take care everyone and may God bless u always. N b4 i forget, well, i did forget to have anyone raya entry/ raya wishing to my pals, so , SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI , MAAF ZAHIR N BATIN to all my viewers, no matter what race or where u r, friends or foe, close or good pals... raya atau x raya ( dude, Malaysian ma, go n enjoy la all d celebration, at least sms ke , wish other people ke, ada rezeki, tambah la berat badan, BE A MALAYSIAN). Last words, eat well, rest well, play well, and hope to keep intouch well, or just toss ur laptop or handphone into a well (a funny quotes frm a good friend of mine who was my Form 5 English Language Si Fu, a sms sent to me because....u know y if u read d quotes).


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