Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Consequences of the 'cursed' email

Good day to all,

Well, there goes, a few hours of wastage, trying to clear things up caused by ...perhaps my own mistakes where it is called a 'phishing' email.

Anyway, i have just received a Rm 10 reload on my prepaid phone. I was wondering, who reload it for me? I just want to say or deliver my gratitude that is deep within my heart, thanks a lot for your concern although i don't know who did that. Thanks a lot ! I appreciate it very much and it added more reasons for me to curse who ever did sent that stupid email to me.... n i am kind of fool to reply it though....

One more thing, my phone will never be run out of credit unless it is stolen frm me n the credit activation will be until next year, or should i say, long long in the future. N i will always reply the message, no matter who sent to me, unless.... it is very suspicious. Well, i keep intouch with my buddies most of the time via sms - usually don't call very often.

Thanks again for the generosity that u have shown me.... erm... u know who. I really wish to know who is that person. May God bless u always...


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