Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babbling nonsense...

Good day everyone,

Some one ask, how was the things going on my side lately.... well, it has been a long time i don't have the time to really produce an article that may satisfy my viewer. Things are quite hectic here as i will be proceeding my research project soon. Anyway, i do online most of the time.

So what is the content for this posting? I don't know how to let it out but... i missed lots of peoples, some who are close friends, some who are quite distant... some.. never got the chance to know well, some even worse, never talk to in person before... haha. I am really enthusiastic to know how have u all been, good or bad,discouraging or content about life,anything will do, we are pals, dont forget it and to some friends, maybe they were wondering why i am still keeping in touch with them (this i precisely refer to those who i didn't talk much with), to make it simple, i want a 2 sided communication yet i don't want to force things to happen involuntarily. Just see it as , i don't want to take chance to ruin to haste things on because our relationship it too fragile and perhaps... it means nothing much, anyway, each of my friends mean a hell lot of thing to me.

I assessed several test lately...well, kind of forced to do so by a few friends ,a survey and i found out.... this is a laughing and weird matter to them (ahem...haha, i myself find it weird to), majority of my pals isn't from d 'same skin color 'as i do (i don't pick on people based on their religion and race, neither do their skin color, the phrase was just a cliches... i am try to avoid certain unneeded word in my 'dictionary' as all of u have own weaknesses and uniqueness which i am proud of and.... another unusual case, around 60 % of my pals, all have way more experience on this life than i do, i mean they lived way longer already than i do. Patutlah....ada yg beri gelaran, 'saya dah berusia' ...ceh, ada yg panggil Pak Cik.... uban pun belum timbul(i pandai cover..hehe), umur x sampai 80 lagi... berani panggil saya dgn gelaran yg pelik.

The conclusion is, i understand myself more...hehe , thanks to someone, and though i am not a talkative person (once again, i am good in covering it... other meanings...), i am quite a friendly guy... haha, acceptable from many peoples , no wonder i learn quite a lot about life from them.

I have forgotten one point, i observe and understand one point about myself, i usually not friendly to those who are evaluating me (education ke, apa apa ujian ke, funny unneeded evaluations ke). No because that i dont want to but it is because i possess a weird impression n trait on friendship, sincerity... That's why most of us become close only after you are no longer an evaluator to me. Y? I want what i deserve, and i want peoples to know, there is no udang disebalik char kueh teow (no selfish reasons or manipulations ) to a person whom i call ' a friend'. I treat u nice because i want to, as simple as that. No misunderstandings on my sincere words. I don't purposely scratch peoples back in order to as any favors in the future neither do i scratch , i tell things and treat peoples honestly.

I do have some articles which i wish to write n to deep my mind into it but... give me some time especially on certain issues coming from my pals. Eg : Urolithiasis (kidney stones), cancer and lots of health relate issues (my artificial experiences).

But for now,all my dear pals, please try to minimize your chicken intakes and foods with lots of mineral , substitute those with fish (not any shell related foods). I have reasons behind it. Till then, adios amigos. Anything you would like to share, plz contact me (24 hours).


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