Monday, August 4, 2008

I am retired from TKD? Gosh.....i am very young le

Good day to all,

Well, many and many were asking, why is my sudden disappearance in Tkd occurred?

Above all 'reason', i have definitely lost the passion of hitting, i mean sparring with others. Well, after having certain simple injury and watch and watch others being hit and bloods were flowing from their faces and eyes, not to mention swollen eyes, the other part of myself perhaps, i say perhaps, have become softer, having some emotional discomfort and refuse for such incidents to happen to anyone i am close to, and myself too. Basically and most importantly, i lost the joy of sparring and when it comes to sparring , all i can read from others eyes, are wining and nothing but winning... i don't see why should i lose myself and the joy of this sport just for a piece of crap and some plauses and 'kind supporting' words.

Another reason.... my life flew out of balance nowadays, it happen to be quite a number of things pop out of nowhere and i can't just leave them and go for my training. In other words, even if i am superb in this sport and will have such a high potential in it but,if my soul is not there, even a tons of certificate and metals were to be in my possession, i rather not having it. I can't lie to myself thats.... the best way of putting it and in my record, i have never miss or perhaps maybe only once of my training session in a year ago and have started this sport when i am in High school, from WTF to GTF (oops... still wearing the WTF robe though.... hehe, no offend, i am always myself no matter what i wear). And i am quite busy with my ..... stuffs,official stuffs, not personal.

I'll be back, thats the most definite word that i can give to my TKD pals, i have never plan in quitting it and although i am not around, i have never stop worrying and caring for my dear club. And to my TKD pals who perhaps never get to know me well, yet, knows MSU from the time KUTPM is still exist, i have a few words for you all.

Please guide the young members and do drop by once a while, i do understand everyones difficulties and i really really do as i have always think about others before myself (thats why i find i am quite a loser sometime, for not even be able to help myself), your presence really means a lot to us (i am not representing anyone but this just what i felt before) and it has nothing to do with who is instructing in front, as long as you are there, and please do not forget we are a family and will always do. Even just a drop by and a simple chit chat really do suffice. Well, perhaps we pi minum sekali sekala pun ok friends, formalities tak main la....

No offend as you know i am a very sincere and friendly person though.... i do not show my real self as to those i am not close to, i am usually trying to reach into a persons soul before offering any kind words or friendship. As there is no point in being kind to those who does not appreciate me.

Same goes to my own principal, people respect others not because of what belt you are, how much income you earn , how many trophies and certs you have, neither does how famous you are, but , your closeness , sincerity, friendship and unconditionally willingness for sharing, shapes and hardens the true qualities in you and your surrounding especially those whom you care.

Always remember , in what position or power you have, you are nothing but a mere normal human being in this world, you need not to wear an armor to show that you are a warrior, neither do you have to sound like one to tell other peoples, they will know as they can feel. And i am just a very small human being.

Thanks to those who have kept in touch with me, well, at least i know that i am appreciated and certain people don't fling-n-flung me once i am not involves in TKD. Well, who wish to keep in touch if you have nothing to offer them.

Last words for this article, please read once again what i have just babbled nonsense up there, this time, please read it once more as my friend.

Take care everyone and never ever use the word 'old' to describe yourselves, in no matter what conditions unless you are 80 and above, it doesn't mean certain physiological changes give you a special priority to being 'old', you have yet to taste the real feeling of it, very very far from it and that word surely, doesn't help you and to anyone around you. Why do something so unprofitable and yet, you lose state of mental balance?

ps : I am sure missed many of you all, really do.


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