Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sudden urge to write ....

Good day everyone,how have you all been lately, sorry, didn't got much chance to write lately.

I have just stumbled into something that i would like to share with you all.

Even if people have hidden motives,
They also have visible ones,
We shouldn't assume their visible motives are meaningless simple because,
They have others that are hidden .

I have think a lot on the purpose of forging bonds with others. Whether are we being true to ourself and others when we make friends. Are we making friends in order to 'smoothen' our life or are we really mean in it?

In living daily life, it is not possible for us not to think that once we be nice to others, we hope they will be nice to us too and sometimes, we even manipulate others, playing 'political game' in our career and pretend that we are the 'nice' guy in order to get a better position/rank in the society. Well, what if you have been expose in such situation frequently? Will your religion still plays a vital role in forming a good solid self in you?

My answer is 'yes' but not when everyone think negatively in you. I mean when everyone think that you are being nice for a negative reason,you are gone,definitely gone. Not possible to be kind and nice anymore as you can thrive in it. That is how the society nowadays, if everyone can show the good side of themselves without expecting anything good in return, the matter of being totally sincere, the world will have a better tomorrow and a better future fro man kind.

Anyway, sometimes, when we notice the real bad intention of the one who try to be our 'friend', we still ignore it and pretend to think positively on it. ' Perhaps one day, our good intention will reach them' and we still treat them as a true friend.

So what is the moral behind of my nonsense blabblings? Do try to think it by yourself as we are all friends and will be a friend to others someday.

Well, this blog is suppose to be medically related but i have been deviating from it lately... haha, i'll write more on health prospect soon, but most of my articles are related to mental health,doesn't it? Haha... have a nice day everyone.


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Anonymous said...

Fanatastic post! Makes me change my embargo on commenting