Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arabic language=Muslim only?

Just finished chatting with a friend.

Here's a question for all,what is assalamualaikum n waalaikumussalam(i hope i type correctly) means? Is it restricted to only Muslims to use this Arabic words? Go and refer to someone wiser than i am,about the reason and true meanings/noble purposes behind the words. I only did refer it to my Ustazs,2 people whom i am dear to....perhaps i've learn something wrong...but then again,i doubt it.

Another question,Why, to those who knew the above words,never encourage others to use it? Still feel that it is only restricted to one race or should i say,only 1 religion only? Then,i think you really are deviate far from the meaning of the words. No wonder it sounds odd to someone when it shouldn't be in the first place, due to less approach, to encounter those words from someone else than Muslims.

When you have found the meaning of the words which i think a lot who treated it as merely as a simple 'Hello', do encourage others to understand and use those words.

Do correct me if i am wrong and do take care of your health,dear friends and assalamualaikum ( may happiness and good health be with you always)....


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