Friday, March 21, 2008

Entries feedback

Salam and good day everyone,

Currently,i am in my home at KL which doesn't have any streamyx access thus,the below 2 most recent entries is rather dull....without any pictures,sorry le,upload speed is tremendously slow.

I received several feedbacks on the entries- I would like to say thanks a billion to those who have keep on supporting me and my blog along with a message-every word and email that my dear friends who have sent or left for me,it means a lot and let it keep coming ! It would be boring if there is no feedback or something similar from all of you.

Well,the essay was constructed based on my and other human beings thoughts and experiences. So its not fiction but rather there are truths behind it and my own purpose for rising certain issues..., there is only one all along, to make my friends to think and view this life in a different manner and perhaps in the process,they will earn new experiences and how this world works in some other peoples. You can definitely say that different people have his/her own stories and life was and will never be the same from 1 person to the another. For lots of reasons-family and your environments plays a vital role in upbringing an individual. Not everyone are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

If you read thoroughly,maybe there are some tips to be a better parents/to build a better family and life. It never hurts to read it several times because it exist for some noble purposes.

It seems a friend of mine's birthday is coming soon on the 24th of this month,if you are reading this my friend, a very happy birthday to you and may God be with you all the time along with His blessings , saudara Saiful.

Take care everyone ,strive harder and think positive in life. Cheer up !

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